Why Good Employees Dont Stay for Longer

Posted on June 13, 2018 By

Why Good Employees Dont Stay for LongerGreat employees are meant for great companies.

Every company you make your way towards, you’ll hear bosses complaining of how their employees left them helpless because of quitting the workplace.

Employee turnover is a sad dilemma, and leaves the company in a huge fix for a long time. Most of the time, the good employees opt to make an exit from the workplace primarily because of the bad management. Employers many a times tend to make their employee’s life incredibly difficult.

Based on common grounds, here are the top reasons why some great employees make an exit from the company.

1. Not Respected

Your job might be amazing in terms of money. However, if you don’t get the respect you deserve, you wouldn’t be able to continue for long. This is one of the worst management practices that make great employees to quit a bit too soon.

Treating employees like a doormat and not giving them the respect they deserve is one of the worst things you could do as a management. At the end, it’s no surprise that the employee will have to eventually quit.

2. Hiring the Wrong People

If the recruitment process is full of flaws, it will certainly damage the company’s future. Sadly, a lot of managers are accustomed to hiring wrong kinds of people that are not suitable for the company. If management fails to hire employees that aren’t competent and hand working, it can make the employee demotivated.

Promoting the wrong kind of people is extremely insulting for the other employees. This is one of the biggest reasons why the hard working ones decide to leave soon.

3. They Fail to Build a Community

Every organization should attempt to build a community. Managers need to have this as a top priority. Horrible bosses fail to build the trust needed in establishing healthy communities. The workforce is also less likely to trust the management.

This is an awful condition for running businesses because both the parties can suffer significantly.

4. Hollow Words

As an employer, once you make a promise about anything, you should make it a habit of fulfilling it. Even when you’re not able to, compensating it in an appropriate manner is a must. Most of the managers fail to do so. Being trustworthy and honest is a practice every employer must adopt. This is how trust is built.

If you’re in a habit of making promises and not fulfilling them, you’re likely to make your employees quit.

5. Stressing Out Employees

One of the most horrible management practices is over stressing employees. If you believe in over burdening your employees with a lot of work, you might be asking them to leave. Eventually, they’ll stop taking interest in their work.