Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Posted on May 23, 2018 By

Break the Monotony

Bring in surprises to break the monotony at work. The HR and managers can work together towards some creative ideas to boost employee morale. These ideas need not have to be expensive and even a small treat can go a long way to boost employee’s happiness.

Throwing a quirky office party in lieu of holiday or bringing in a special gift like chocolates or baked goods are enough to show people that you care about them and appreciate them.

Find Ways to Engage Employees Socially

Research have proved that even introverts like to socialize as it helps in improving the mood and make people feel appreciated. Create a work environment that encourages communication. Align workstations in a way that people can see and interact with each other. Send birthday and anniversary wishes and encourage others to do the same.

Motivate people to communicate with each other not just in office but also after that. You can use any available social media to do so or simply create a WhatsApp group. Discourage people to eat alone at their workstations, instead provide a small eating space or cafeteria and ask people to have lunch together or in groups.

If possible, provide employees volunteering opportunities in organizations of their choices, as working for a cause is proved to instill a sense of satisfaction and happiness in people.

All of these ideas will work wonders to improve employee engagement in your organization.

Make Plans to Promote Health

Investing towards health can go a long way to attain employee happiness. Poor health of employee is not just detrimental to his/her own well-being but also damaging to business. Hypertension, mental issues, and stress can give birth to other bigger physical and emotional health issues, which can directly or indirectly affect business. Dr. Mehet Oz (fame Dr. Oz Show) once said, “More than 90% reported health cases in America alone are related to stress”. Stress can further give birth to weaker immunity, weight gain, fatigue, cholesterol, heart issues and other major diseases. One of the ways employers can help people deal with the stress and other health issues is by encouraging them to exercise. Make them participate in gym or yoga classes, educate them about various health related topics and teach them about benefits of eating healthy.

Offer Flexibility

A flexible work environment helps people feel more in charge and thus more stress-free and happy. Flexible timings and work from home facilities are some of the factors most employees seek while looking for jobs. Millennials are more likely to join a company which offers better work-life balance and flexibility to their employees than the one which is not, irrespective of the package offered.

Some companies go even further and offer their employees gym memberships or discounts, extended leaves in case of birth, illness, or demise, free transport, free food and snacks, customizable workstations, office parties and outings, and other such benefits, which not just make employee super happy and productive but also make it hard for them to leave their organizations.