The Equal Opportunities Policy At Work

Posted on June 19, 2018 By

All employees had a part to play in achieving this goal and the Business will ensure that they are aware of their personal responsibility to follow and support the ‘Equal Opportunity Policy System’, in force. This is not a Business Model. With the ‘Equal Opportunity Policy System’, in force no employee or prospective employee will receive unfair or unlawful treatment due to race, colour, nationality, ethnic or origins, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, or disability; nor unwarranted discrimination on grounds of age. The business will identify; and remove any unfair or unlawful discrimination which denies individuals the opportunities on any of these grounds. Employees have the rights to complain about unfair discrimination. Which including harassment or victimization through laid down procedures. And active steps will be taken to ensure that this policy is fully implemented.

The business will be responsible to continuously monitored the composition of the workforce and the effects of its employments’ practices; and to compare these with those of the community it served. Breaking down any barrier to equality of opportunity, which may prevent individuals in currently under representing groups in realizing their full potential. Promoted equal opportunities by introducing positive action measures to change unfair attitudes, practices and policies. Review existing rules and systems in force and develop new employment policies and practices to ensure that they are fair and lawful. Promptly and fully investigate all complaints of discrimination and harassment, in taking appropriate action where necessary.

With an ‘Equal Opportunities Policy’ in place, it helps to develop a very good team spirit among the staff, and all members will have greater confidence and sense of purpose. This will create a good atmosphere all round, which including the staff and their line manager alike. It will also create a work environment which will recognize and reward the commitment of all employees to the customer’s satisfaction. This will also create a good system of feedback. Employees will be able to access their performance and adjust their approach towards their work commitment.

As the business will operate profitably by efficient services which the customers will consider to be value for money. The business to constantly meet their requirements; in providing good value relative to other options. The customer will then think of the business as a quality organization and would prefer to use this business service rather than any other alternative ones. This will establish a partnership with the customers to understand, agree and meet their changing requirements.